The Heat: Climate Change – Year in Review

The Heat

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Devastating floods, record heat, drought and massive wildfires. We look back at the climate crisis in 2022.   

Climate change, and the crisis faced by countries across the globe, intensified in 2022. From deadly floods in Asia, to raging wildfires in the United States, and drought in Africa, the warning signs were just about everywhere.       

Meanwhile, representatives gathered in Egypt for a major UN climate conference COP27. And, in Montreal, China chaired COP15, the UN biodiversity conference, where a historic agreement was reached.  

Joining the discussion: 

  • Changhua Wu is CEO of the Beijing Future Innovation Center. 
  • Mohammed Mahmoud is Director of the Climate and Water Program with the Middle East Institute. 
  • Sweta Chakraborty is president of an organization called U.S. Operations, We Don’t Have Time.
  • Kevin Koenig is Climate and Energy Director for Amazon Watch.