The Heat: U.K. Political and Economic Challenges

The Heat

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After a turbulent 2022, what are the big political challenges for the United Kingdom this year?      

The UK was rattled by political crisis last year and it also had to deal with major economic issues.  

The country saw three different prime ministers come through 10 Downing Street over a timeframe of less than two months.  

Meanwhile thousands took to the streets and there were strikes by workers in the rail and healthcare sectors. Still, in his New Year’s message, the current British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was positive about the future. 

Joining the discussion:

  • Jonathan Lis is a political commentator and journalist.
  • Wayne Fitzgerald is the city council leader for the English city of Peterborough. 
  • Robert Oulds is director of the Bruges Group, a think tank based in the UK. 
  • Laura Beers is a professor of British history at American University.