The Heat: Türkiye and Syria Earthquakes

The Heat

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Hope fades as the death toll continues to rise one week after devastating earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria. 

The United Nations is warning the death toll in Türkiye and northwest Syria from last week’s devastating earthquakes could top 56,000. Calling the earthquake the worst event to hit the region in 100 years, UN aid chief Martin Griffiths says the rescue phase is coming to an end, with efforts turning to providing shelter, food and care for survivors.

For now, the massive search and rescue operation continues in Türkiye, where about 35,000 Turkish personnel and another 10,000 from 74 countries frantically search for life beneath the rubble.  

Joining the discussion: 

  • Li Xiang is CGTN’s editor for newsgathering
  • Melda Dogan is a freelance journalist. She’s been making daily trips into Hatay, Türkiye’s southernmost province. 
  • Yakzan Shishakly is CEO of the Maram Foundation, an independent, non-government humanitarian organization. 
  • Garo Paylan is a member of the Turkish parliament representing the Peoples’ Democratic Party.