The Heat: May Day 2023

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It is ‘May Day’ around the globe. But are workers’ rights being eroded in the United States? 

From the Philippines to Brazil, International Workers’ Day, a celebration of the rights of workers, was marked with rallies this May First in many parts of the world. 

In France, it turned into a protest against a government proposal to increase the retirement age.  

Workers’ Day was born out of violent clashes between police and protesters in Chicago back in 1886, an event which became a symbol of the struggle for workers’ rights. But ‘May Day’ is not recognized in the U.S., which holds its own Labor Day in September. 

Joining the discussion:   

  • Joseph Williams is a former senior editor for U.S. News and World Report.
  • Brian Becker is the executive director of the ANSWER coalition
  • Anthony Chan is the former Chief Economist at JPMorgan Chase.
  • Ryan Patel is a global business executive.