The Heat: Climate Crisis

The Heat

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Global temperatures are set to break new records over the next five years.  

As the world continues to battle the climate change crisis there are new alerts about the challenges ahead.  

A report by the UN’s World Meteorological Organization warns that there is a strong likelihood that a key climate marker will be breached for at least one-year sometime between now and 2027. That is the 1.5-degree Celsius figure which was so critical during negotiations leading to the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

Joining the discussion:

  • Paul Bledsoe is an adjunct lecturer at America University’s Center for Environmental Policy.
  • Yixing Xu is a former research director with Breakthrough Energy. 
  • Mohammed Mahmoud is director of the Climate and Water Program with the Middle East Institute. 
  • Sean Callebs is a CGTN correspondent.