The Heat: U.S. Debt Ceiling

The Heat

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Can the United States finally avoid a debt ceiling crisis?  

After weeks of political stalemate over the U.S. debt ceiling, Washington may be about to approve a compromise deal in Congress.   

Leaders and members from both the Republican and Democrat parties have gathered on Capitol Hill and are expected to vote on a proposed deal Wednesday night. If passed, action then moves to the U.S. Senate while America edges closer to a critical early June deadline as it tries to prevent defaulting on its debt.   

Joining the discussion:

  • Eleanor Clift is a political columnist with the Daily Beast.  
  • Melik Abdul is a Republican strategist and radio host. 
  • Douglass Sloan is senior political analyst and principal at National Capitol Strategy Group. 
  • Rina Shah is a political analyst and current affairs commentator.