The Heat: Nato Summit

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No timetable for Ukraine’s NATO membership. And China warns the alliance against provoking confrontation. 

With a number of hot button issues on the agenda, the 31 members of NATO gathered in Vilnius, Lithuania to chart a path forward. 

And while Sweden was invited to join the alliance, Ukraine’s invitation will have to wait until the end of its conflict with Russia. In the interim, the G7 industrialized nations unveiled a framework for Ukraine’s long-term security. Something Moscow called “potentially very dangerous”.

Joining the discussion:

  • Andy Mok is a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for China and Globalization. 
  • Anton Fedyashin is a Russian and European history professor at American University. 
  • Anthony Moretti is an Associate Professor at Robert Morris University. 
  • Sergiy Kudelia is also an Associate Professor. He teaches Political Science at Baylor University.