The Heat: South Africa-U.S. Relations

The Heat

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Tension in the South Africa-U.S. relationship. What’s causing it? And, what does it mean for future ties between the two countries? 

The relationship between South Africa and the United States is going through a rough period. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a major factor in driving tensions between the sides. Pretoria has taken a neutral position on the crisis but has close ties with Moscow. That has caused push back from Washington. Meanwhile, both countries continue to have a strong economic relationship. 

Joining the discussion: 

  • Ebrahim Rasool is a former South African Ambassador to the United States. 
  • Robin Renee Sanders is a former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria and the Republic of the Congo who served during the Obama and Bush administrations. 
  • Sanusha Naidu is a Senior Research Fellow with the Institute for Global Dialogue.
  • Abdullahi Boru Halakhe is an Africa Security and Policy Analyst.