The Heat: A Decade of Belt & Road

The Heat

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It’s the infrastructure project connecting the world by land and sea. Ten years on, we take a look at the impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.  

Chinese President Xi Jinping launched the Belt and Road Initiative during a speech in Kazakhstan on September 7, 2013, proposing new trade routes to create a ‘new Silk Road’ and wider economic cooperation. 

A decade later, 152 countries have seen 3,000 BRI projects and nearly a trillion dollars in new investment. By Chinese estimates, it’s helped lift nearly 40 million people out of poverty. Back in Kazakhstan where it all began, trade between the two countries under BRI reached a record high last year. 

Joining the discussion: 

  • Jorge Heine served as Chile’s ambassador to China. He’s currently a Research Professor at Boston University’s School of Global Studies. 
  • Anthony Moretti is an Associate Professor at Robert Morris University. 
  • Ebrahim Rasool served as South Africa’s ambassador to the United States. 
  • Einar Tangen is a Senior Fellow at the Taihe Institute and the Founder and Chair of Asia Narratives.