The Heat: UN General Assembly

The Heat

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As world leaders prepare to gather in New York for the 78th meeting of the UN General Assembly, we take a look at China’s growing support of the world body.  

On June 26th 1945, China became the first country to sign the UN Charter. Nearly 80 years later, as the world deals with major economic and geopolitical challenges, China’s support for the United Nations has grown to being in the words of last year’s General Assembly president,  “a strong buttress” to the UN’s blue flag.   

Joining the discussion:

  • Andy Mok is a Senior Research Fellow with the Center for China and Globalization. 
  • James P. Moore is the Founder and CEO of the Washington Institute for Business, Government and Society.
  • Josef Gregory Mahoney is a professor of Politics and International Relations at East China Normal University. 
  • Victor Gao is a Chair Professor at Soochow University.