The Heat: China-Africa Ties

The Heat

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Egypt, Tunisia, Togo and Cote d’Ivoire, continues the 34-year tradition of African countries being the first destinations of the new year. 

China’s support has helped provide African countries with economic opportunities through its Belt and Road Initiative and other programs. 

Joining the discussion:

  • He Wenping is a Senior Research Fellow with the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of West Asian and African Studies. 
  • David Monyae serves as the Director of the University of Johannesburg’s Center for Africa-China Studies.
  • Einar Tangen is a Senior Fellow at the Taihe Institute and the Founder and Chair of Asia Narratives. 
  • Mirette Mabrouk is a Senior Fellow and the Founding Director of the Middle East Institute’s Egypt and Horn of Africa Program.