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The G20 summit will focus on development, infrastructure and food security, but the trade dispute between China and the U.S. is expected to get a lot of attention.


Street smarts: Embedded sensors turn roads into digital networks

Four years ago, a car traveling on Colorado Highway 285 slid off the road and down a steep embankment. The driver was trapped inside the vehicle in below freezing temperatures, without food and water, for six days. The driver survived, but the accident prompted the Colorado Department of Transportation to green light this test project, which it claims is the first in the world.


Food Bank of the Rockies helps needy in Colorado

Food Bank of the Rockies is a busy place. The nonprofit’s mission is ensuring that families in the states of Colorado and Wyoming have enough to eat. It hands out 145,000 meals a day and more than 27 million kilos of food each year. The need is clearly there.


Mexico closer to legalizing marijuana

Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that its marijuana prohibition is unconstitutional last month. Now the party of Mexico’s president-elect Obrador has submitted legislation to legalize and regulate marijuana’s use, possession and sale.


Shanghai taxi gets overhaul ahead of CIIE

Over 3-hundred new electric vehicles will serve visitors to the upcoming China International Import Expo. Drivers can use voice control for navigation, radio and other in-car facilities. New functions like face recognition, safety monitoring and QR code payment have also been added.


American Dream: Economic revival leaves many behind

Reviving steel and manufacturing jobs, was one of US president Trump’s major campaign promises two years ago. To check on what has been done in the sector, CGTN’s Nathan King traveled to one of the country’s biggest manufacturing states, Pennsylvania