Urban Voices

Urban Voices: Mexico’s Mariachis

Mariachi music is one of Mexico’s most recognizable symbols. For the past century, roving orchestras have played it in plazas, on streets and at restaurants. But there has never been a place to formally learn the art, until now.


Urban Voices: Jorge Pardo

Jorge Pardo is a musician from Spain who is famous for playing the saxophone. But the sax is just one of the instruments he has mastered and one of the many more he includes in his compositions.


Urban Voices: “Circo Dragon”

It’s called the Dragon Circus, but don’t expect to find any clowns or elephants at this extravaganza.

Instead, Circo Dragón infuses Mexican heritage and art into dazzling performances that combine ancient traditions with contemporary moves.


Urban Voices “Crying Out”

An open-air art exhibit in Mexico is using sculpture to free the soul. The goal is for spectators to look upon the artist’s work, then look inside themselves and express hidden feelings they normally hold back.