Ukraine Crisis Turns Violent as Diplomacy Continues

The Heat


Ukrainian and pro-Russian forces continue to battle for control in Eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin warns he has a right to send Russian troops into the country but says he hopes he will not have to, “exercise that right.”

In Geneva top diplomats from the European Union and Ukraine, along with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian counter-part Sergey Lavrov, say agreement has been reached to de-escalate the crisis. The news has been moving quickly. CCTV’s Michel Bardavid reports from Kiev.
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With analysis about the latest developments we were joined by Jon Hellevig  in Moscow. Hellevig is the managing partner for a leading business firm in Russia, Awara Group. In Washington, Anton Fedyashin, Executive Director at the Initiative for Russian Culture at American University, also joined the discussion. The discussion is in two parts in the videos below.

With more analysis about the latest developments in Ukraine is Roman Popadiuk. He is a former United States Ambassador to Ukraine. We were also joined by former United States Ambassador to Georgia, William Courtney.