The Heat discusses fate of children living in warzones

The Heat

A recent report by UNICEF found that an estimated 15 million children are caught up in violent conflicts in the Central African Republic, Iraq, South Sudan, the State of Palestine, Syria and Ukraine. The Heat examines the plight of these children and what can be done to give them better lives.

The UNICEF report also found that a total of 230 million children live in countries and areas affected by armed conflicts. Many are orphaned, kidnapped, recruited as soldiers, raped, or sold into slavery. CCTV America’s John Gilmore reported this story from Washington, D.C.

The Heat’s Anand Naidoo interviewed two experts about the impact of violent conflict on children:

The Heat continued discussion with two experts about the psychological impact of growing up in a warzone:

  • Rachel Calam, a psychologist that works with children in conflict zones.
  • Karl Schembri, a writer and former journalist who is now the regional media manager for Middle East and Eurasia with Save the Children.