The Heat: Yemen’s forgotten crisis

The Heat

With bombings nearly every day and an unrelenting humanitarian crisis, can Yemen find a peaceful solution or is more war on the horizon?

Thousands have been killed and millions are displaced. Frequent bombings and ground fighting take place across the country. This is daily life in Yemen.

The country is embroiled in a yearlong war over a fight for political stability. The United Nations is taking renewed interest in the conflict. CCTV America’s Liling Tan reports from the United Nations.

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The Heat interviewed a panel of experts on the political and humanitarian situation in Yemen:

  • Afrah Nasser, a Yemeni journalist and co-founder of Yemeni Salon.
  • Catherine Shakdam, a Middle East political analyst who works with the Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies.
  • Ibrahim Alqatabi, a Yemeni expert and political commentator.