The Heat: Netanyahu corruption allegations

The Heat


A long-running scandal in Israel has taken a dramatic turn. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now officially a suspect in several fraud and corruption cases.

Adding to the intrigue is news that Mr. Netanyahu’s former chief of staff — Ari Harow — has accepted a plea deal to testify against his former boss. While the Prime Minister has been shadowed by allegations of financial improprieties in the past, these appear to be the most serious to date.

CGTN’s Stephanie Freid in Tel Aviv has more.

CGTN’s John Terret takes over this panel to discuss the issue:

  • Amotz Asa-El, a senior commentator with the Jerusalem Post
  • Matthew Brodsky, a Middle East analyst and senior fellow at the Security Studies Group
  • Yossi Mekelberg, heads the International Relations, Social Sciences and Law Program at Regent’s University London

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