The Heat: FARC – From rebels to Colombia’s newest political party

The Heat

FARC rebel group becomes political party in Colombia

After five decades of extreme violence, including murders and kidnappings in Colombia, the left-wing guerrilla group known as FARC laid down its weapons and will now fight in the political arena.

After finalizing a long-debated peace deal, the rebels became a political party, a fact that does not sit well with some Colombians. But, at the same time, politicians, in general, do not enjoy great popularity in the country.

CGTN’s Michelle Begue reports.

To discuss all of this:

  • Juan Carlos Hidalgo, a policy analyst at the Center for Global Liberty and Prosperty
  • Lisa Haugaard, the executive director of The Latin America Working Group
  • Eunice Escobar, the chairwoman of Witness for Peace
  • Peter Hakim, the president emeritus of the Inter-American Dialogue

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