The Heat: DPRK tensions, Puerto Rico recovery and Trump controversies

The Heat

Trump's Challenges

The exchange of words between the leaders of the United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea reached a new high this week.

The DPRK’s foreign minister said the U.S. President declared war against his country and threatened to shoot down U.S. military planes flying in international airspace.

On the domestic front, Mr. Trump is also dealing with the devastation of Puerto Rico caused by two hurricanes, and another failed attempt to repeal and replace his predecessor’s signature healthcare law.

With so much on his plate, President Trump found time to criticize American football players as CGTN’s Owen Fairclough explained:

To discuss those issues:

  • Brian Becker, an analyst on U.S.-DPRK relations and he’s visited the DPRK on several occasions
  • Ray Baker, a journalist and political analyst
  • Simon Marks, president and chief correspondent of Feature Story News
  • Morgan Muchnick, a Republican strategist and founder of the M2 Group, a public and government affairs firm

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