The Heat: China and the West in Africa

The Heat

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The needs in Africa are many. Among them: infrastructure, jobs and trade.

Critics said the West has neglected the continent, either dismissing it as hopelessly mismanaged, or simply engaging for its resources or security and defense advantages.

Enter China – From a low of $10 billion in 2000, Beijing’s trade with Africa reached $220 billion just 14 years later, making it the continent’s largest trading partner.

By contrast, trade between the United States and Africa has fallen from a high of $100 billion in 2008 to $39 billion last year.

CGTN’s Ramah Nyang reports from Nairobi.
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  • Yinka Adegoke is the Africa editor for Quartz, Atlantic Media’s digital business news outlet.
  • Pippa Morgan is the assistant editor of the Chinese Political Science Review.
  • Witney Schneidman served as the deputy assistant U.S. Secretary of State for African Affairs and is the senior international adviser for Africa at Covington and Burling.
  • Chen Chenchen is the deputy director of Macroeconomics and a Research Fellow at Renmin University’s Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies.

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