The Heat: Key races still undecided one week after US elections

The Heat

US Midterm Elections

Election officials have yet to determine the winners of ten Congressional races and two Senate races.

In the Florida Senate Race, Republican Rick Scott is currently leading by over 12,000 votes against incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson.  President Trump has accused officials of voter fraud without offering any evidence. Election officials have until Thursday to complete a machine recount.

In Mississippi, voters will go to the polls on Nov. 27 to decide a runoff election between Incumbent Republican Senator Cindy Hyde Smith and Democratic challenger Mike Espy.  Neither candidate earned 50 percent of the vote.

At this time, Republicans hold the majority with 51 seats in the U.S. Senate. Democrats have 47 seats, with two races still undecided.

But in the House of Representatives, Democrats hold a majority with 227 seats, to 198 seats for Republicans, with ten races still up for grabs.

To discuss all of this:

  • Jenifer Sarver served as deputy director of Public Affairs in the U.S. Commerce Department during the George W. Bush administration and is the principal of Sarver Strategies.
  • Eleanor Clift is a political analyst with The Daily Beast.
  • David Smith is the Washington D.C. Bureau Chief with The Guardian.
  • Tristan Brown worked in the Obama administration and currently a lawyer.

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