The Heat: Opioid crisis

The Heat

The U.S. opioid epidemic began nearly three years ago after pharmaceutical companies introduced what they promised would be a less addictive form of opioid.

Last month, a federal judge ordered the release of a federal database that details how pharma companies saturated the market, creating the nation’s deadliest drug epidemic. The widespread use of those pills is growing around the world.

CGTN’s Jim Spellman reports.

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To discuss all of this:

  • Kate Tulenko is the CEO of Corvus Health.
  • Ryan Hampton is a former opioid addict and activist – and author of “American Fix: Inside the Opioid Addiction Crisis – and How to End It.”
  • Keith Humphreys is a professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University.
  • Bradley Stein is the senior physician policy researcher at the Rand Corporation.

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