The Heat: India, Pakistan feud over disputed region of Kashmir

The Heat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi doubling down, defending India’s decision to strip Kashmir of its special status.

Hailing the controversial move as a “major achievement” Modi was speaking from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort in New Delhi as India celebrated Independence Day.

On Wednesday, Pakistan celebrated its independence, with Prime Minister Imran Khan going on the diplomatic offensive. Speaking from Pakistan administered Kashmir, he said India had committed a “strategic blunder” and would “pay a heavy price” for scrapping Kashmiri autonomy.

The valley remains under a security lockdown and a communications blackout with hundreds detained.

To discuss all of this:

  • Ather Zia is an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Northern Colorado Greeley.
  • Dr. Sreeram Chaulia is a professor and dean of the Jindal School of International Affairs.
  • Mosharraf Zaidi is the former principal adviser to Pakistan’s Foreign Minister.
  • Jonathan Wachtel served as the director of Communications for the US Mission to the UN.

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