The Heat: The threat of ISIL

The Heat

In an audio message, released this Thursday, ISIL named its new leader and made fresh threats.

It claimed the group is not only on the doorstep to Europe but also in Africa and expanding to the West.

The United States in coordination with Turkey, Russia, Iraq and Kurdish forces in Syria killed ISIL’s long-time leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in an overnight raid in Syria last weekend.

Yet, many believe the terrorist organization is known to be one of the world’s cruelest and most violent groups still poses a global threat.

CGTN’s Michal Bardavid has more.

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To discuss all of this:

  • Judit Neurink is an author and expert on ISIL.
  • Jurgen Todenhofer is a journalist who spent ten days embedded with the extremist group.
  • Ruwan Al-Rejoleh is a political analyst.
  • Christopher Preble is the vice president for Defense and Foreign Policy Studies at the Cato Institute. 

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