The Heat: Xinjiang – The fight against extremism

The Heat

China Xinjiang

Tensions are flaring once again between Beijing and Washington after the United States House of Representatives passed a bill accusing China of violating the rights of Uygurs and other minorities in Xinjiang. 

The United Nations and activists say China has detained one million Uygurs in detention camps.

Beijing calls its policies necessary to fight terrorism and says its centers provide vocational training.

At a news conference in Beijing Monday, Shohrat Zakir, the chairman of the Xinjiang government, dismissed the U.S. legislation as meddling in China’s internal affairs.

To discuss all of this: 

  • Einar Tangen is a political and economics commentator.
  • George Koo is Founder & former Managing Director of International Strategic Alliances
  • Han Peng is a CGTN Correspondent
  • Brian Becker is Executive Director of the ANSWER Coalition

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