The Heat: Global view of U.S.

The Heat

As coronavirus rages across the United States and after weeks of protests against police abuse, has America’s reputation taken a global hit?

The U.S. response to its huge number of COVID-19 cases and deaths has caused dismay to people watching around the world.

Meanwhile, weeks of protests calling for an end to police abuse, and demands for racial equality following the death of George Floyd, while in police custody, have also focused international attention on the U.S.

How is all of this impacting a younger generation that has grown up watching America over the last 20 years? Is its international reputation being damaged?
To discuss:

  • Besan Kasem is a former representative for Syrian Youth at the U.N.
  • Pieter Cleppe is Head of the Brussels office of Open Europe
  • Max Blumenthal is an author and journalist
  • Seth Denson is president and co-founder of GDP Advisors 

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