The Heat: The new normal — millions working remotely due to global pandemic

The Heat

It’s been dubbed “the new normal.” That global shift to remote work since the pandemic began earlier this year.

But a new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research shows that those upsides like greater flexibility and no commute, come with longer days, more meetings and, yes, more emails.

And then there’s the economic impact on urban centers as fewer people means less demand for offices and lower retail and tax revenue.

With huge areas of the labor force unable to work remotely, some suggest these developments could have profound implications for the economy, inequality, and the future of big cities.

CGTN’s Sean Callebs has a report. 

To discuss the new normal: 

  • William Lee is a chief economist with the Milken Institute.
  • Fsrhad Alavi is an attorney and managing partner with the Akrivis Law Group.
  • Eric Griffin is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Mobile Outfitters.
  • Rana Asgari is project manager for a research group.   

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