The Heat: U.S. targets China

The Heat

After marathon negotiations, Democrats and Republicans failed to reach an agreement providing an economic lifeline to the American people, already reeling from a devastating health crisis. President Trump has threatened to intervene, but so far no word from the White House over any executive order.

Meanwhile, in the latest salvo against China, the administration banned two media apps deemed a threat to national security. The White House also slapped sanctions on Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam and ten other Chinese officials for engaging in quote “policies of suppression.”

Nathan King has the details.
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To discuss:

  • Qinduo Xu is a political analyst and Senior Fellow at the Pangoal Institution.
  • Morgan Muchnick is a Republican strategist and Founder of M2Group, a consulting firm.
  • Kimberly Leonard is Senior Healthcare reporter with Business Insider.
  • Brian Becker is Executive Director of the ANSWER Coalition

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