The Heat: United Nations at 75

The Heat

2020 has been a year of unprecedented crises. A rampaging coronavirus pandemic has killed nearly one million people worldwide, the global economy is struggling from the impact of lockdowns, forest fires and floods are raging, conflict has displaced millions exacerbating hunger and inequality.

Against this backdrop, this year’s United Nations General Assembly kicks off in an unprecedented virtual format. As part of our programming celebrating the U-N’s 75 years, we’re interviewing high-ranking diplomats on some of the biggest issues we face.

I spoke with Jean-Pierre Lacroix , Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations about the impediments the U-N faces to reducing global conflict. But first, my interview with Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Abdallah Al Mouallimi. We talked about some of the most intractable challenges such as the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, Saudi Arabia’s role in the Yemen war and its fractured ties with regional rival, Iran.

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