The Heat: U.S. prepares for worst days ahead with COVID-19

The Heat

The United States topped 10 million COVID-19 cases this week, with more than 240,000 deaths. Hospitalizations are at an all-time high with some 60,000 people being treated.
Texas is the first state to pass one million cases. The situation is so grim in El Paso that officials brought in six mobile morgues and are requesting four more trailers. Beginning Friday, New York will limit private indoor gatherings to ten people and is ordering bars and restaurants to close early. The mayor of New York City says a second wave is imminent.
Drug maker Pfizer offered some hope this week announcing its vaccine is 90% effective and could be ready for limited distribution by December.

Joining the discussion:

  • Dr. Kate Tulenko is the Founder and CEO of Corvus Health, a global health firm.
  • Joseph Williams is a Senior News Editor with US News and World Report.
  • Dr. Gary Richwald is a communicable and infectious disease expert and the chief medical officer with Reel Health.
  • Dr. Ali Raja is the Executive Vice Chair in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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