The Heat: Is an India-Pakistan Detente Likely?

The Heat

Pakistan on Thursday postponed a decision to allow imports of cotton and sugar from neighboring India, until New Delhi reviews its 2019 move suspending Kashmir’s autonomy. The two rivals have been locked in a frosty standoff, but in recent weeks there have been signs of a thaw in relations. India and Pakistan agreed to a ceasefire, after nearly twenty years of tensions and violence along their shared border. And for the first time in three years, the two sides met to discuss water-sharing in the Indus river.

Joining the discussion:

  • Sumit Ganguly is political science professor at Indiana University, Bloomington
  • Mosharraf Zaidi is senior fellow of Tabadlab and former principal adviser to Pakistan’s Foreign Minister
  • Ather Zia is assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Northern Colorado Greeley
  • Michael Kugelman is deputy director and senior associate for South Asia at the Wilson Center

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