The Heat: Syria – a decade of war

The Heat

The numbers are staggering. More than half a million people killed, and millions of Syrians were forced to flee for their lives.

In all — one of the worst humanitarian tragedies since World War II and the largest refugee crisis of our time. And yet, after ten years of conflict there’s still no end in sight.

CGTN’s Xu Dezhi spent three years covering the war in Syria and has this report.

To discuss:

  • Edmund Ghareeb is an academic scholar and Middle East analyst.
  • Kamal Alam focuses on Syrian affairs as a fellow with The Institute for Statecraft.
  • Ruwan al-Rejoleh is a political analyst and the managing director of Tawasol Com – a geopolitical consulting firm.
  • Bassam Barabandi is a former Syrian diplomat. 

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