The Heat: China leads multilateralism talks at UN

The Heat

The United Nations Security Council met in New York on Friday to discuss joint efforts to combat global challenges.

The virtual gathering, chaired by Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, sought to reaffirm support for multilateralism – nation’s working together – and to promote a greater role for the UN in international affairs.

To discuss:

  • Victor Gao is a current affairs commentator and Chair Professor at Soochow University.
  • Anton Fedyashin is a Russian affairs expert and a professor of history at American University.
  • Joel Rubin is former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State. 
  • Klaus Larres is a Distinguished Professor of History and International Affairs at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Also on Friday, the WHO approved China’s Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use, easing the way for developing countries to get access to another much-needed tool to help end the pandemic.

To discuss: 

  • William Haseltine is the Chair and President of ACCESS Health International and the author of “Variants — The Shape-Shifting Challenge of COVID-19.”

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