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The Heat

Earlier this year, U.S. President Joe Biden set an ambitious target of getting 70% of all adults in the country to get vaccinated by the 4th of July, Independence Day.

To his credit, Biden got close: 67% of adults got at least one shot. As in many parts of the country are going back to normal, the president’s handling of the pandemic is being praised by the population.

A recent poll showed that 62% of Americans approve Biden’s job tackling the coronavirus pandemic. The problem now is to cross the finish line, as many Americans don’t plan to be vaccinated.

Another issue for the president is the perception of what’s happening on the southern border with Mexico.

The same poll showed that more than half of Americans disapprove his policies on immigration.

To discuss:

  • Atiba Madyun is the President and founder of Party Politics U.S.
  • Adolfo Franco is an attorney and Republican strategist.
  • Aaron Mate is host of Pushback with Aaron Mate on the Grayzone.
  • Dan Raviv is a columnist for Newsday.


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