The Heat: Haitian president assassinated

The Heat

Haitian President Jovenel Moïse has been killed during an attack at his private home in the capital, Port-au-Prince.

His wife was also shot but survived. President Moïse had led his country since taking office in 2017. For weeks, Haiti has been coping with protests and demands for his resignation in one of the world’s poorest countries plagued by gang violence. In 2017, correspondent John Zarrella met with President Moïse in Haiti and has a report.

To discuss the situation in Haiti:

  • Macollvie Neel is managing editor of the Haitian Times. 
  • Albert DeCady is an attorney and a leader in the Haitian Diaspora. 
  • Firmin Backer is co-founder and president of Haiti Renewal Alliance. 
  • Kim Ives is a journalist and editor of the weekly newspaper Haiti Liberte.

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