The Heat: UN report – humans fueling some “irreversible” climate change

The Heat

‘A code red for humanity’ — that’s how United Nations Secretary Antonio Guterres describes a devastating landmark review into climate change.

For the first time the report states unequivocally that human activity is changing the planet in unprecedented and irreversible ways. Global scientists are calling for the immediate and sweeping reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. CGTN’s Toni Waterman has a report from Brussels.

To discuss climate change and the new report:

  • John Englander is an oceanographer, climate analyst and author.
  • Changhua Wu is Executive Director of the Professional Association for China’s Environment.
  • Sweta Chakraborty is president of U.S. operations for “We Don’t Have Time”. That’s the social network that launched environmental activist Greta Thunberg. 
  • Kim Cobb is an award-winning climate scientist at Georgia Tech and a lead author of the UN panel’s report.

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