The Heat: Impact of 9/11 on Muslim Americans

The Heat

September 11th will be forever seared in our memories. The terror attacks on the United States left nearly 3,000 people dead at the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon outside Washington, D.C. and the downing of a commercial plane, United Airlines Flight 93, in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. For Muslims, the attacks were a turning point. Overnight, Muslim communities faced hostility, distrust, surveillance and questions about their faith. We begin with this report from CGTN’s Nathan King in New York City.

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Joining the discussion:

  • Wardah Khalid is a policy analyst and the Founder and President of Poligon Education Fund.
  • Eman Abdelhadi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Comparative Human Development at the University of Chicago.
  • Youssef Chouhoud is an Assistant Professor of Political Science, affiliated with the Reiff Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution at Christopher Newport University.
  • Sahar Aziz is a Distinguished Professor of Law at Boston University and author of the upcoming book, “The Racial Muslim: When Racism Quashes Religious Freedom.”

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