The Heat: Africa’s challenges

The Heat

Local construction labourers work to build a metallic structure at the Renergen Gas Project site in Virginia, Free State, on September 22, 2021. – In a grassy plain in South Africa, once the world’s largest gold producer, prospectors have stumbled upon a new treasure: helium. Popularly known for birthday balloons and squeaky voices, helium plays an underappreciated role in medical scanners, superconductors, and space travel. It’s also rare — produced by only a dozen countries and often treated as a waste product in natural gas wells. (Photo by LUCA SOLA / AFP)

A report just released from the International Monetary Fund indicates that the Sub-Saharan African economy is expected to grow 3.7 percent this year and 3.8 percent next year.

The region is dealing with trade issues, inflation, and supply chain delays.

For more on the impact of the economic growth gap in Africa and what it means for developing regions and countries:

  • Abebe Aemro Selassie, IMF Director of the African Department

To discuss:

  • Abdullahi Boru Halakhe is an Africa Security and Policy Analyst.
  • Adetunji Omotola is an Africa analyst.
  • Joseph Ochieno is a writer and commentator on African Affairs.

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