The Heat: Climate Change 2021

The Heat

Experts are once again warning about the clear and present danger of climate change — after deadly storms ripped through parts of the U-S, killing dozens.

Multiple tornadoes touched down in several states across the Midwest and Southeast in a span of less than twenty-four hours.

Images of widespread destruction and a death toll that continues to climb have left local communities reeling.

CGTN’s Dan Williams reports.

Throughout the year, we’ve seen this again and again. Record-breaking heat, deadly forest fires, unprecedented rain, and persistent drought.

Thousands dead and billions of dollars lost.

Are we past the tipping point?

And then, food waste has a major impact on our climate. According to a United Nations report, we’re wasting almost a billion tons of food globally each year and most of it is perfectly edible

Joining the discussion:

  • Thomas Gehl is the CEO of the Wharton Education Group & President of ChildWise International LLC.
  • John Englander is an Oceanographer, expert on climate change, and the author of “Moving to Higher Ground: Rising Sea Level and The Path Forward.”
  • Sweta Chakraborty is the President of U.S. Operations at We Don’t Have Time, a review platform for climate solutions. Welcome all of you to the show.
  • Matt Homewood is an award-winning food waste campaigner from Copenhagen.