The Heat: Macron wins a second term

The Heat

Emmanuel Macron’s decisive victory over the far-right challenger Marine Le Pen was greeted with relief in the West. At stake was the economic and strategic alliance against Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.

Macron became the first French president since 2002 to win a second term. But it is also exposed a divided electorate ahead of June’s parliamentary elections.

Ryan Thompson has more in this report.

To discuss:

  • Remi Piet is co-founder and managing partner with the consulting firm Embellie Advisory.
  • Song Xin served as the EU-China Relations Advisor for the European Parliament.
  • Joav Toker is as an Associate Professor at the American Graduate School in Paris.

Andrey Kortunov has served as the head of the Russia International Affairs Council, a Moscow-based think tank, for more than a decade.

We spoke earlier about the French election and the conflict in Ukraine.

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