The Heat: Trump Investigation

The Heat

He may no longer be president, but Donald Trump is still dominating headlines here in the United States.

On Monday, the FBI conducted a court-authorized search at his Florida residence. According to The Washington Post, among other things, they were looking for highly classified documents relating to nuclear weapons. Mr. Trump called the unprecedented search “a weaponization of the justice system.” Angry supporters rallied to his side, some calling for violence. By the end of the week, in an attempt to dampen the rhetoric, Attorney General Merrick Garland asked a Federal Court to unseal the search warrant and property receipt – a list of what was taken by the FBI. Hours later, the former president said he would not oppose the move.

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  • Eleanor Clift is a political columnist at The Daily Beast.
  • Douglass Sloan is a Democratic strategist and a principal with the National Capitol Strategy Group.
  • Eric Bolling hosts “The Balance” on Newsmax TV.
  • Gene Rossi is a former U.S. attorney and federal prosecutor.

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