The Heat: IMF warns that for many 2023 will feel like a recession

The Heat

For many of us, the impact of rising prices is all too real.

We see it every day – at the gas pump or when buying food. Here in the United States prices are rising faster than expected. The Consumer Price Index rose 8.2% through September – a 40-year high. At this week’s IMF-World Bank meeting in Washington, DC — the forecast was clear – countries accounting for a third of global economic output will shrink next year – suggesting that 2023 will feel like a recession to many around the world. Kate Fisher has a report.

To discuss:

  • Sourabh Gupta is a resident senior fellow at the Institute for China-America Studies.
  • James P. Moore is the founder and CEO of the Washington Institute for Business, Government and Society.
  • Nicholas Economides is an economics professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business.
  • Einar Tangen is a senior fellow at the Taihe Institute in Beijing.

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