The Heat: 2022: The Year in U.S. Politics

The Heat

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From surprising election results to ongoing investigations of a former president, we take a look back at the year in U.S. politics.

The pundits predicted a “red wave”, a Republican takeover of Congress following the U.S. midterm elections. After all, the country was reeling from rising inflation, predictions of a recession and a Democratic president with low poll numbers. 

But the red wave was more like a pink splash as Republicans wrestled with a backlash from the ending of abortion rights to the rejection of GOP candidates still claiming fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Joining the discussion:

  • Adolfo Franco is an attorney and Republican strategist.
  • Mary C. Curtis is a columnist for “Roll Call” and host of the “Equal Time” podcast. 
  • Melik Abdul is a Republican strategist.
  • Frank Sesno is CNN’s former Washington bureau chief and the Director of Strategic Initiatives at George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs.