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A federal investigation concludes the FBI should never have opened an investigation into allegations of collusion between then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russia during the 2016 U.S. election slamming the agency for basing the probe on “raw” and “uncorroborated” intelligence. 

And the U.S. debt ceiling talks continue as the Biden administration expressed deep concerns over default.

On Monday, U.S. special counsel John Durham released a sweeping 306-page report he result of a four-year investigation of an investigation. Back in 2020, the Trump administration wanted to find out whether the probe launched in 2017 into alleged ties between Trump as a presidential candidate and Russia was driven by political bias. A separate special counsel, Robert Mueller, concluded in 2019 there was no collusion. Now, this new report found no explicit bias but plenty about the FBI to criticize.   

Meanwhile, U.S. President Joe Biden met with Congressional House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday after a month of stalled negotiations on the U.S. debt ceiling ahead of a looming deadline to avoid default. 

Joining the discussion: 

  • Gene Rossi is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney and Federal Prosecutor.
  • Jadan Horyn is a Political and Cultural Commentator and Editor-in-Chief of Soigné.
  • Jacquie Luqman is the Co-host of “By Any Means Necessary” on Radio Sputnik.
  • Adolfo Franco is an Attorney and Republican Strategist.