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Migrant caravan leaves Mexico City

The Central American migrant caravan is moving on after a few days’ rest in Mexico City. CGTN’s Alasdair Baverstock reports from alongside them as they head north towards the U.S. Border.

Supporters attend the "Rally for the American Dream - Equal Education Rights for All" in Boston

Is Harvard bias against Asian Americans?

The case claims that Harvard has, for decades, unfairly discriminated against Asians applying to the Ivy League school. But some critics, including civil rights groups AND members of the Asian community, believe the lawsuit is dangerous and may threaten the future of affirmative action.


Pampering pets is all the rage in China

There are more than 70 million pet owners in China – and they’re spending big on their furry companions. Some Chinese pet owners pay top dollar, for everything from doggie day spas to kitty acupuncture.