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Love neverlasting: A review of “The Remains”

“The Remains” isn’t about the redemptive power of love either. If anything, Ken Urban’s play kicks Cupid in the privates, rips the audience’s collective heart out of their chests and stomps on it. It’s not a play that reaffirms marriages. Instead, it calls into question why we even get into relationships at all.


Enter “Manhattanhenge”

A unique natural phenomenon takes place in an even more unique city: in New York City, Manhattanhenge refers to the alignment of the sunset (Summer) or sunrise (Winter) with the Manhattan street grid.


What’s an H-1B visa? And who gets them?

In 2016, one in six people in the U.S. labor force was foreign born. For the past six years, companies in the United States have filed more than a million applications to enter a lottery for skilled foreign workers. Their chances of winning the right to work in the United States were around 44 percent. CGTN’s Kelly Wang reports.