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Hong Kong's 20 years

Hong Kong’s 20 years

July 1 marks the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s reunification with mainland China after 150 years of British governance. CGTN America takes a look back at the changes taken place, and what they mean to Hong Kong, China – and the world.


What is the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival?

With a history over 2,000 years, the Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festival (端午节), is steeped in tradition and legend. The holiday commemorates Qu Yuan, a Chinese poet and patriot who lived from 340-278 BCE.


Timon of Athens: A review

We are mercurial, unpredictable creatures prone to inconsistencies and hysteria. Sometimes we appear to have everything together but underneath our stolid exterior lies an amorphous blob of anxiety- a mixture of insecurities, ignorance and fear.


Dumb ‘Smart People’: a review

Arena Stage’s ‘Smart People’ isn’t so smart and not that funny either. Unless you’re a fan of stupid television sitcoms, take a rain check and wait for the next season. Here’s the Culture Curmudgeons review.

TRUMP's 100 Days

Trump’s 100 Days

As U.S. President Donald Trump approaches his first 100 days in office, we have an interactive look at the achievements, controversy, and questions that have emerged from his presidency.


A brief history of China’s first astronauts

It’s only been 14 years since China sent its first astronauts to space, but a lot has been accomplished in that short time. Learn more about China’s Shenzhou missions and its brave astronauts pioneering the final frontier.


This is China, too

When people talk about China, they mostly talk about the big cities. They talk about how modern and flourishing these crowded metropolises are. They rarely talk about the countryside like my hometown, or farmers like my grandparents.


‘Intelligence’ in a post-fact world

Depending on your politics, the Trump presidency is either a disaster, godsend, maybe even both. While some blame Obama for leading to his rise, others think differently.
In the play Intelligence, the blame mostly lies on number 43. Our Culture Curmudgeon decides who’s right.


I am Not Your Negro: A review

Racism is alive and well and social tensions have never been higher, especially in Trump’s America. But as Raoul Peck’s new film ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ about the late James Baldwin tells us, those racial divisions have never really gone away.

India Holi festival of color

PHOTOS: Holi festival of colors

Most cultures have a holiday that heralds the coming of Spring. In India, the Holi festival is celebrated by a large public bonfire, a great feast, dancing, and the throwing of bright colored powders on everything – and everyone.


SpaceX, fly me to the moon… OK?

SpaceX founder Elon Musk announced his company will transport the first two private citizens on a trip to the moon – and back – sometime in 2018. If successful, it will be the first manned mission to Earth’s moon since 1972.