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September 7, 2018

A victory for LGBTQ rights in India

Supporters of Indian LGBTQ rights celebrated as the nation’s supreme court defied religious conservatives and struck down Section 377 – a colonial era law that had made gay sex illegal.

August 31, 2018

New exhibit highlights hip hop’s influence on Asian Americans

The Chinese American Museum in Los Angeles is featuring a new exhibit called: ‘Don’t Believe the Hype: LA Asian Americans in Hip Hop’. It examines hip hop’s influence of resistance, refuge and reinvention for Asian Americans. CGTN’s May Lee reports. The exhibition examines hip hop’s […]

August 14, 2018

Film review: ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” harkens back to a kinder America where everyone was willing to welcome the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses regardless of where they’re from. The Culture Curmudgeon looks back fondly on Fred Rogers’ legacy.

Two deers
July 31, 2018

PHOTOS: 2018 California wildfires

Wildfires continue to rage in California, with 16 active sites that have both destroyed property and taken lives. Here is a collection of photos from various locations in the state.

Adopting instead of buying a pet
July 11, 2018

Campaign in China urges people to adopt, not buy pets

A growing number of Chinese people own, or hope to own, household pets. But with the boom, also comes cases of pet mill abuse and abandonment. That’s why some pet advocacy groups have started a campaign pushing for “Adoption, Instead of Buying”.