Gasification of Coal in China and Smog

The Heat


China is the largest consumer of coal in the world. Coal, the most abundant energy source for China generates about 70% of electricity for the country.

But a continued reliance on coal certainly contributes to China’s air pollution. 2013 was the smoggiest year in half a century. The Ministry of Environmental Protection says only three of 74 major Chinese cities managed to meet official minimum standards for air quality last year. State-owned companies like Shenhua, the world’s largest coal company, are busy building what are called “coal bases” — huge industrial plants to convert coal into synthetic fuel that could make city air cleaner.

But is that the whole story? Let’s dig a little deeper with Chip Jacobs and William Kelly, authors of Smogtown, The Lung Burning History of Pollution in Los Angeles. And their latest book is People’s Republic of Chemicals.

Gasification of Coal in China & the Smog it Creates

Smog is a problem all across China and the World Health Organization says it carries tremendous health issues.