One More Question for Simon Marks, Richard Fowler about celebrity journalism

One More Question

The Heat’s Nathan King interviewed Simon Marks of Feature Story News and Richard Fowler of the Richard Fowler Show about celebrity journalism and the Brian Williams suspension.

King asked them one more question about what they feel about journalists mixing with celebrities and government officials at the annual the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. Veteran journalist Tom Brokaw has made a point of not attending because he feels they jeopardize a journalist’s ability to be impartial.

“I’ve never been to the White House Correspondents Association dinner, but I have been to the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association dinner, which is sort of the Capital Hill version, and I have to say I decided several years ago that I wasn’t going to continue attending, I’m hewing more to the Tom Brokaw view of this, although I’ve got very good friends who are very involved in producing events all that weekend, and I have no major ethical issues with people who go. I just worry that I’m not entirely sure we should be rubbing shoulders socially with that people that we’re supposed to be covering,” Marks said.

Fowler on the other hand, felt the dinner was perfectly fine.

“I think the line has always been blurred. I think there is a sense, and especially in this city — in Washington D.C. in particular — there is a camaraderie and collegiality to the city. Because, it’s not really a city, it’s more so a big town, where everyone sort of knows everyone. Because of that, these dinners have become, they call it nerd prom, and it’s sort of an idea to celebrate our city and its collegiality,” Fowler said.